Untitled by Tim Liddiard

In less than two short weeks, Kristin Shauck and Tim Liddiard’s exhibit, Of Two Minds closes. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to see the beautifully abstract and figurative pieces, now is your last chance.

This exhibit is an exploration of both artists varied pasts and experiences. Each piece is an inspiration of color. Liddiard says, “Inspired by color field paintings as a springboard for my explorations, I am interested in experimenting with how colors interact, starting with simpler color combinations and progressing to more complex.” The show integrates Shauck’s own philosophy and love of nature as well. Shauck says, “Since my childhood, I have always felt a deep connection to and fascination with animals of all kinds, from the tiniest insect to the largest mammals, and have always experienced a profound sense of both awe and joy while in their presence. I seek to capture the essense of both humans and animals by beginning each painting with a very spontaneous, gestural approach, drawing initally with either chalk or directly with a brush, and progressing with many obsessive layers of vibrant color.”


Megafauna by Tim Liddiard and Kristin Shauck

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