On April 15th at 7:00 p.m. the Cannon Beach History Center & Museum will welcome author, forager, and dandelion hunter Rebecca Lerner.  For some the state of the economy, the change in the weather, and the Earth Day Lecture 2013possibility of ensuing catastrophes has them preparing for the worst-case scenario by increasing their foraging skills.  For others, foraging is a way to delve into a natural and healthier lifestyle.  Whether you are in one bracket or another, this 12 Days of Earth Day Celebration event is a must-see.

becky-1Rebecca Lerner, who goes by “Becky,” lives in Portland, Oregon. She seeks to “inspire and empower my fellow human beings to experience the joyful remembrance of who we really are.”

Becky and her widely read urban foraging blog, http://www.FirstWays.com, have been profiled or quoted in the Los Angeles Times, The Oregonian, the Boston Globe, Ad Busters, the Utne Reader, and much more.

Becky has an MFA in creative nonfiction writing from Goucher College and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Rutgers University. As a journalist, she has written for more than a dozen outlets across the country, including The Oregonian, Orion magazine, and Discovery Channel.

She teaches classes on plant identification and other herbal subjects for the public, and enjoys doing private guided hikes and speaking gigs, too!

Dandelion HunterLerner will be presenting her first novel, “Dandelion Hunter: Foraging in the Urban Wilderness.”  The book chronicles Lerner’s journey and observations as she picks plants from sidewalks, parks, and alleyways of Portland, Oregon.  This is a great opportunity for those looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle or for those preparing for another possible food source.

Come learn to see nature in a new way!