Fisher Poet and Environmentalist Dave Densmore Appearing in Cannon Beach

Famed poet and fisherman, David Densmore will be reading poems and stories from his new book on January 28th at the Cannon Beach History Center & Museum in Cannon Beach.

Dave Densmore has appeared in the New York Times and Smithsonian Magazine, he was one of the subjects of a documentary called ‘Fisher Poets’, and has published several books of his writings. He is well known as an artist and fisherman on the coast of Oregon and in Alaska. He has appeared at events for the Bioneers, the ‘Columbia River Keepers’ events, and at New Bedford’s ‘Working Waterfront Festival’. He can often be found at schools speaking to children. When not fishing in Alaska, or writing in Oregon, he spends his free time in Belize and Guatemala.

Dave Densmore is more than a fisherman and more than a poet, he is a staunch protector of nature and mother earth. His recent works are often more about the paint inflicted on Mother Earth by his fellow man than the contents of his fishing net, but the seas and the fishing life are his first love.

Hear Dave Densmore read his works and answer questions on January 28th at 6:30 pm. The event is free and open to the public, it will be held at the Cannon Beach History Center & Museum, which is located at 1387 S. Spruce at the corner of Sunset & Spruce. Coffee and tea will be served.

Dave Densmore Reading
Live at the Cannon Beach History Center & Museum
Corner of Sunset & Spruce / 503-436-9301
Jan. 28 @ 6:30pm
Coffee and tea provided