If you missed the Earth Day presentation at the History Center this past Monday night, you didn’t get to meet and greet the great volunteers and city planners in the Cannon Beach community.

We had a great visitor turn out, and the speakers, Katie Voelke of the Ecola Creek Awareness Program, Doug Deur (professor, historian, and general Cannon Beach guru), Nala Cardillo of the Haystack Rock Awareness Program, and Mark and Tracy from the city, did an amazing job. All speakers focused on uniting under a common goal – environmental protection, awareness, and stewardship.

Mark and Tracy showed us all plans for the new walking trail that would connect Les Shirley Park, downtown, and other natural areas, enriching the lives of residents and visitors alike.  The trail uses technology that will help protect the natural environment, Mark and Tracy said, such as using raised bridges in areas where land is fragile and moving a fence that is currently cutting off an elk herd from grazing in its normal grounds.

Very interesting stuff! Check out a video clip from Doug Deur’s presentation on our Facebook page.